Dream Car Art Contest

17th Toyota Dream Car Contest – 2023-2024 Winners

7 Years & Under Winners

1st Prize Winner
Elise Owen
7 years old

2nd Prize Winner
Ariah St. Hilaire
7 years old

3rd Prize Winner
Jaydon Young Sing
7 years old

The Future… My Future Job
I love this dream car because my future job is to be an astronaut and so my car is done in a space theme. I hope Toyota makes a car like this one day as dreams do come true.

Toyota Wind Car
The Toyota Wind Car is an energy efficient, wind powered car that runs on wind. It uses no fuel and emits rainbows so it saves money and the planet. The car can be driven on the road and fly in the sky. The wind car transforms into flight mode when it comes across traffic, It is made from aluminum to reduce energy.

This Car looks like a lizard, which is known for being fast, agile and magnificent.

8 – 11 Years Winners

1st Prize Winner
Caitlin Mutroo
10 years old

2nd Prize Winner
Amelia Rampersad-Soodeen
9 years old

3rd Prize Winner (TIE)
Amaly Sylvester
11 years old

3rd Prize Winner (TIE)
Malia Toolsie
10 Years old

Caitlin’s Futuristic Space Explorer
I designed this unique car because I have a dream to tour space and experience the undiscovered parts of the Universe. My car is powered by solar energy and goes up to 100mph. This is my dream car because my favourite car isa Toyota Supra. I hope my car can be a reality.

Petals and Pedals Dream Ride
I love flowers and colours! My dream car will add beauty to concrete jungle cities. It is a convertible with flowers stored at the top. There is a tool that extends from the back to plant flowers very quickly. There is another tool at the side to plant flower seeds in the ground as the car drives by.

The Stray Cat Catcher
My fully electronic and rechargeable Toyota vehicle has a built-in plug at the tail. It is used to catch stray cats with its tongue and carrier ad places them into safer homes. I was moved to design this car based on my love for cats and my sadness to see so many of them suffer. It can drive or run based on its location shown with the modes.

Colour the World with Toyota
My dream car is a car that can drive under water, fly in the air and drive on land. It is an electric car so you can save money instead of buying gas. The colour for the car can be changed with a remote. When it has to fly, magical wings come out the sides. The name of the car is the everything car.

12 – 15 Years Winners

1st Prize Winner
Naveed Ali
14 years old

2nd Prize Winner
Kaylen Elias
14 years old

3rd Prize Winner (TIE)
Jahzara Abrahim
12 years old

Astronomic Explorer
This is a solar powered terrestrial vehicle that is sent to outer planets to help explore and document the landscapes and possible life forms. It is a research lab on wheels.

My Hydro Car
My dream car is a hydro powered vehicle. It runs on rainwater; the water enters through the closable tubes at the back of the car and is stored in the tank for later use. This car uses renewable energy and drives smooth.

The Toyota CNG-Agri-Helper
My dream car will be used to assist farmers to fertilize and water their crops from two vantage points which is by air and ground. It runs on CNG which is better for the environment. The two tanks on the top of the car stores and releases the fertilizer and water through the hose when needed to spray the crops.