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Fortuner is more than just a hard shell, it’s also packed with the very latest technology and smart thinking from Toyota. From the outside in and from the bottom up, you’ll find plenty of intelligent features that not only make the drive highly enjoyable, but also a more refined way to get out there and explore.


Even though it’s built for adventure, from the moment you step inside Fortuner you’ll discover it’s finished to deliver highly refined levels of usability and convenience. There’s room to accommodate everyone in comfort with seven full size seats that easily fold out of the way to quickly transform Fortuner from a family transporter to an adventure machine ready for action.


Developed from scratch by Toyota to match any driving conditions, the Fortuner gives you the grunt to go where you choose with unprecedented reliability and response. When you’re travelling with a cargo as precious as your family, you’ll have the reassuring confidence of knowing Fortuner’s been designed with safety as a top priority.

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